Everything starts off slow

So it’s the last day of the month but the first day of the rest of my life. Today I slept in and wasted and got 4 hours of extra sleep, making up my very late nights.

I ended up having breakfast at 10am which consisted of two weetbix and milk (not as much milk as I wanted as the new milk in the fridge had expired two days before.

While consuming my brekkie I flipped through the local rag before doing some light house work (ie pretending to tidy up my room)

At the moment I’m currently walking my dog. If it looks like it is going to rain I always bring along an umbrella the same colour as her Leah, you know so we are colour coordinated.

One of the best things about walking my dog on a Thursday is that it’s usually rubbish day, so I can just drop her bagged poop in a nearby bin … Perfection!

Apart from feeling sad about my current weight as a way of motivating me to loose weight …. I’m also about to start a new job on Wednesday (a retail job where everyone expects you to be a model) a daunting thought or motivation???

So this afternoon, as well as not over eating, I have to do a quick shift at my current job as well as shopping for a uniform for the new job.

Until I get given a uniform I need to wear a black outfit, preferably a suit.

So cause I don’t want to spend a fortune will totally be hitting up Target and some other discount chains … Hopefully finding something that fits and also doesn’t look too cheap!!!


Week One Weigh In

So one of the reasons why I started this blog was because I am at a low point. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. I have yo-yo’d being 125kg and going down to 90kg and then going up to my current dimensions:

  • Weight: 134kg
  • Waist: 133 cm
  • Height: 180cm
  • BMI: 41.4

The main reason why I have put on so much weight is purely because I am lazy. I will goes days without exercises and binge eat junk food, packets at a time. This behaviour needs to change.

I have 253 Days to get to my ideal weight and hopefully image. To be perfectly honest I don’t have a perfect weight, I am trying to achieve a perfect image.